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Nails Inc. Christmas Gift Inspiration

I had to include these fab gift ideas as apart of my Christmas Countdown series. I saw them, swooned over them and now I'm blogging them. Each of these is items I would seriously be over the moon about receiving on Christmas morning, take a peek... 

Nail Polish Diary - This beaute is worth £138 but costs only £42. Included are 12 full-sized nail polishes featuring a range of shades and effects for every month of the year. Here's what's included: 

January - Kensington Caviar. I can vouch for this topcoat, it's absolutely amazing. 
February - St Martin's Lane is a glossy grape polish. 
March - Baker Street Cobalt Blue. This is the blue that's in the Glitterball collection. 
April - Sloane Avenue is a neon coral polish. 
May - Fulham Palace Gardens is a new rainbow Sprinkles polish. 
June - Chester Feather effect polish. 
July - Notting Hill Gate neon pink polish. I have this it's gorgeous, especially combined with white, blue or silver. 
August - Fleet-street leather effect polish. (It looks either like a nude leather or light grey). 
September - Electric Lane Holographic polish. 
October - Belgravia Place red fibre optic polish. 
November - South Kensington silver foil effect polish. 
December - Knightsbridge Road new Galaxy polish. 

Great for anyone and everyone. This is a great collection to suit all tastes, events, celebrations and months throughout the year. 

Christmas Crackers - These are worth £69 but cost £29.50. I wish all crackers were as exciting as these ones, the ones I get tend to have bits of plastic, jokes and at some the occasional useful gadget that breaks within the same day. There are six crackers in the pack and each includes a full-size polish. These are the polishes included in the pack: 

Mayfair Mews - Navy fibre optic polish. 
Baker Street - Cobalt Blue.
Marylebone Lane - Red full coverage glitter. 
King's Road - Rose gold foil effect.
Kensington High Street - Deep wine polish. 
Trafalgar Crescent - Silver Galaxy polish. 

Couture Nails - I love how they offer the ability to customise your own nail polish. I wish they offered a colour blending service just like the home decorating shops do, maybe they will in the future but in the meantime Couture Nails is the perfect service for polish fanatics; it always gets my vote. I opted for the studded leather cap and my favourite autumn shade in a sultry plum. This colour is called 'Crown Court'. The Couture Nails service costs £20, you also get to customise the name of your polish as well as the stickers on the box. 

What do you think of these gifts? Which would you be most excited to receive on Christmas day?  


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