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Nails Inc. Galaxy Polish Collection

I adore cream finishes, everything else needs to blow me out of the water to really make the grade. I rarely adore metallics and pearl finishes and glitter can be hit or miss. I previously blogged about an amazing Nails Inc. glitter that was released for Prince George's birth (here) well, they've gone and done it again. 

Nails Inc. released their Galaxy Collection which are four full coverage glitter colours, heavily inspired by current fashions and their fashion creators such as Christopher Kane, Gucci, Chloe and Alexander Wang. 

Here they are: 

Buckingham Court -  Iridescent Red

Knightsbridge Road - Iridescent Bronze

Trafalgar Crescent - Iridescent Pearl Silver

Westminster Bridge Road - Iridescent Blue & White

They each cost £12 and I have all ready purchased the Knightsbridge Road, Iridescent Bronze shade. I figured with party season just around the corner this was going to look s-o-o-o good with everything and a bit of glitz and glam around the clock is enough to make my serotonin skyrocket. 

You can check these out just now over on the Nails Inc. website HERE.


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