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Nails Inc: Snowflake's & Glitterball's

'It's autumn, autumn, autumn gotta get my paint on cause it's autumn' (sung to the lyrics of nippy Rebecca Black's Friday). I'm not even going to discuss how many new collections Nails Inc have released and chances are they'll probably have anything from 5 to 10 more so, I'd recommend getting used to these posts because I love Nails Inc. 

These autumn delights will have you interested or turned off. I'm swithering between them to be honest, take a look so you can see where I'm coming from. 

Kensington Church Street - Snowflake effect polish. It only comes in this one colour (of course, it would be so wrong to bring out a yellow snowflake polish wouldn't it?) I'm not entirely sold on this to be honest, upon closer inspection it resembles snow, yes but it also looks like a glittery white crackle with texture... I'm not a fan of crackles or of beaded, glitter and sequin effects mixed into the one bottle. If you are interested it's available now and will cost you £12. 

Bling It On Glitterball - I love the shade of the Baker Street blue and when it comes to getting your money's worth I find this this set does the trick. You can pop on your Baker Street base and then turn your talons into glitter balls with the glitter, wear the Baker Street alone or just wear a clear coat with the glitter. This set costs £18 and is on my wishlist. 

I like two possibly three of these, can you guess which ones? Pictured here is: 

Chelsea Embankment - Full coverage gold glitter. 
Marylebone Lane - Full coverage red glitter. 
Porchester Square - Cream finish mushroom (although it looks pink here). 
Park Lane Mews - Deep red polish.
South Kensington - Silver foil finish. 

Here is this collection boxed up all nice and pretty... 

The Editors collection consists of these five mini mixed finish polishes. They don't wow me but they would make an excellent gift, I feel like I've got too many of these colours in my collection which maybe why it's not standing out as much as I'd hoped. 

The Editors costs £16 which is an amazing price when you factor in most individual polishes are £11-£12 each. These are mini's which is even better (depending on your preference of course) because they get used up quicker, I also love the brush on the Nails Inc. Mini's. 

Check these out over on the website HERE, they're all currently available and the freebie offers are still on too. 


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