Nars Eye Paints

Nars Eye Paint Range is due to launch in October. Let's just say there are LOADS of awesome products launching in October isn't there and I'm so excited - only a few says to go but these Nars Eye Paints launch on the 15th. 

They are described as being a high-impact pigment with a weightless gel formula that glides on smooth and dries quickly. They sound perfect, don't they? You can use them all over the eye or as an eyeliner and with Halloween & Christmas coming up I'd imagine you could create some dramatic eye looks with major impact. 

There are ten shades in the range including: 

  • Black Valley - Black 
  • Transvaal - Grey 
  • Solomon Islands - Turquoise Blue 
  • Mozambique - Olive 
  • Snake Eyes - Black & Green Shimmer
  • Tatar - Black & Purple Shimmer 
  • Ubangi - Black & Blue Shimmer
  • Interstellar - Silver 
  • Iskandar - Gold 

They cost £18.50 each and will be available over on the Nars website HERE once launched. 


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