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NARS Holiday Colour Collection

For some reason when I look at the new Nars Holiday Collection the colours remind me of the Lancome L'Absolu Velours liquid lipsticks. This particular Nars range was created to celebrate a man named Guy Bourdin. I hadn't heard of him before so some Googling told me that Guy Bourdin was a fantastic fashion photographer who sadly passed in 1991. 

The limited edition Holiday Collection features high impact finishes in bold shades, similar to the photographs that Bourdin produced, you can check out some of his work here

The range includes...

Cinematic Eyeshadow (£18) - This is a new formulation especially for this collection. It's velvety soft and glides on smoothly offering high-impact colour. Colours include Wishful Thinking (blue), Bad behaviour (pewter), Rage (orchid), Cambodia (pink copper) and Mississippi Mermaid (champagne). 

Cinematic Lipstick (£18.50) - These are also new formulations exclusively for this collection. Containing Monoi butter and vitamin E these lipsticks offer antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits. Shades include Future Red (cherry), Short Circuit (coral), Last Tango (rose), Goodbye Emmanuelle (pink) and Full Frontal (rose violet). 

Blush (£21.50) - Featuring iconic shades such as Exhibit A which is a matte, vivid red; Coeur Battant which is a magenta and Day Dream which is a peachy pink. 

Nars Nail Polish (£14.50) - Featuring a polymer system that extends wear and durability. Shades available are Tomorrow's Red (scarlet), Follow Me (fuchsia), Union Libre (pink) and No Limits (pink-violet). 

This collection will launch on November 1st and will be available over on the Nars website HERE. What do you make on these colours? 


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