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OPI & Mariah Release 18k White Gold and Silver Topcoat

Mariah Carey has always been an over-the-top diva, hasn't she? It came as no surprise that she would be releasing 'Pure' by OPI as apart of her on-going collaborative efforts. Pure is a limited edition topcoat that is made using 18k white gold and silver leaf flakes - pure indulgence at it's best I think. Here's the topcoat...

The best part about this limited topcoat is that it's available now, it's expensive don't get me wrong a bottle will set you back £29.99 (prices will vary depending on where you shop of course) but imagine how amazing you will feeling wearing gold and silver on your nails - it's all very avant garde isn't it. 

Here's a swatch image taken from Pretty Kitty Claws Blog... 

Opulence, luxurious and sophisticated. I could spout lots of lovely words to describe this because I really love it. It's like a grown-ups glitter isn't it? If you know someone who would love this for Christmas I'd suggest snapping it up, it comes in its own box so it's suitable for gift giving. 

It can be found across a ton of online sites just now from eBay (I'd check it's genuine from there of course) to Nail Polish Direct and Very.co.uk I'd love to hear your thoughts on this? 

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