OPI Miss Universe 2013 Collection

Miss You-niverse |  Gown Needs A Crown |  I'm Feeling Sashy

Beauty pageants aren't huge (I don't think) in the UK so some may not see the initial appeal with the 'Miss Universe' collection. OPI are the official nail-care sponsors of the Miss USA pageant which then follows on to Miss Universe - it's only natural that they'd release a collection to celebrate this event. 

Each of these polishes are limited edition and they only created three shades. I am absolutely loving those shades however and they are definitely the types of colours I automatically veer towards when polish shopping. 

  • Miss You-niverse - Sultry deep plum. 
  • Gown Needs A Crown - Textured matte platinum silver that comes with a complimentary bejewelled crown ring. 
  • I'm Feeling Sashy -  A light purple verging on taupe. 

The collection will be released at the end of the month hopefully and will be available at Nail Polish Direct HERE. The RRP is £11 but they currently have them on pre-order for £7.95, I feel a spree coming on. 

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