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Oriflame Colour Drop Lipstick

Oriflame released their latest lipstick collection which is called 'Colour Drop Lipstick'. There are eight new shades which offer the wearer a glossy pop of colour that lasts. I have one of the eight and here it is... 

First of the packaging, let's just talk about that for a moment - it's pink. It's glossy. It's awesome. The lipstick is shaped slightly different from classic lipsticks in that it's slimmer and has a pointed tip which makes precision application a breeze. 

The formulation of the lipstick is gorgeous, most lipsticks go on smooth, creamy even and then eventually dry out don't they? This doesn't. Unlike glossy and balmy lipsticks this doesn't slip and slide when you eat or drink and it lasts for hours too. I have the Liquid Red and it's a gorgeous berry red rather than pillar box red. Here's the swatch...

One of the selling points of these is that they won't change their shape. Apparently, when they questioned lipstick wearing ladies they said it was frustrating when their lippy's lost their shape. While this does has a great shape, unfortunately, the shape does break down quickly, the pin-point nib actually broke off straight away upon application BUT it doesn't affect the lipstick or its application from here on. 

Ingredients include Orange Blossom oil which is why your colour stays soft and moisturising - honestly it feels so good on the lips, since receiving this it has been my go-to daily lipstick (and I rarely wear a lipstick every day) because it applies like lip balm, you can literally just swipe it on without a mirror and it looks good. 

Colours include: 
  • Liquid Red - As above
  • Brown Fusion - Brown which could double as a nude for darker skin tones. 
  • Drop of Fuchsia - Bright pink
  • Melting Pink - Mauve with a tinge of pink. 
  • Peach Sensation - Peach-pink
  • Rose Elixir - A hint of rose pink 
  • Beige Dew - The perfect nude. 
  • Glossy Berry - You know I have this gorgeous purple berry lipstick on my wishlist. 

These Colour Drop Lipsticks costs £5.95 just now but will increase to £8.95 from October 19th. You can check it out HERE over on the Oriflame website. 


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