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Orly Blush SS14 Collection - Squeeee!

'I'm so excited, I just can't hide it... Imma bout to loose control and I think I like it Owwww-yeeaahh! that's how happy I am about this SS14 collection by Orly. Seriously I have butterflies, I'm all giddy with excitement and I suppose I am totally fan-girling over a polish collection; crazy maybe. Excited hell YES! 

So *cheesy grin* Orly are releasing their 'Blush' collection. Six gorgeous cream finish colours all in muted blush tones for spring 2014. It's a long wait *sigh* so hold it together guys if you can but once they're released you should be able to Dare to Bear, First Blush, Naked Canvas, Classic Contours, Flawless Flush and Cheeky your nails away. 

Here's a peek at the shades...

The polishes are just fab aren't they. I've said time and time again that metallics and pearls aren't my cup of tea and I tend to be all over creme finishes and textured polishes. I personally get a sense of vintage-sophisticated with these shades and I can't think of a single outfit or situation that these wouldn't work in. I'm particularly loving the Cheeky, Dare to Bare and Classic Contours together as a palette. 

How amazing would this be to get you into the spirit of springtime? I'm guessing it's not going to look like spring time here in the UK on their release, but this is a great way to lighten up your mood and wardrobe.  

The mini collection consists of four mini-sized polishes in - Naked Canvas, Cheeky, First Blush and Dare to Bare. I think I'll even purchase this before they hit Buyapowa *shock-horror*

The release date is set for February 2014, I'll be counting down the days. What do you make of this collection?  


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