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Pinkie Pink & Knightsbridge Road : Cancer Awareness & Testicles


Everyone knows that October is the month for raising awareness and money for Breast Cancer charities. While purchasing some pink products aren't going to cure cancer they will help keep cancer on the minds of everyone you come across - hopefully the result is that more people donate or fund raise for these charities. 

I blogged not too long about about the Nails Inc collaborations with Matthew Williamson and Poppy Delevigne here. I had to purchase one, I would have purchased even if this wasn't for a great cause. I chose the Matthew Williamson polish and like Beyonce I too painted my pinkie pink. 

Here's Beyonce's taken from her Instagram, she's so fantabulous isn't she. 

I also blogged here about the new Galaxy polishes that Nails Inc had released and yip, I did say I was going to get the Knightsbridge Road full coverage glitter too didn't I. It finally arrived with my Pinkie Pink. So why am I blogging about a Breast Cancer Awareness product and a new release polish from Nails Inc? What do the two have in common? 

At first glance it seems the only thing they have in common is that they're both full coverage glitters. Here's my swatches, this may help a little. I'm so mysterious aren't I? 

Pinkie Pink is amazing. It's even better in person I really can't get enough of it purely because it's so feminine and shiny. Knightsbridge Road is also fab but in a less feminine way, it's more chic and sophisticated - a grown up glitter. 

Pinkie Pink as you know is applied to the pinky in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. As I was swatching it on I thought long and hard about cancer and how there's so much attention placed on breast cancer; what about prostate cancer or stomach cancer, testicular cancer and throat cancer? why is there not more attention placed on those and raising awareness of all types of cancer? 

Well I dedicate my pinky to breast cancer. My ring finger is my husband's finger - I wear my wedding ring there of course. I decided to swatch on the masculine Knightsbridge Road to raise awareness of male based cancers (and of course female but I'm pretty sure it's men with prostate and testicular cancers)

While one little person alone isn't going to drum up a major Male Cancer Awareness project I do take the time to mention both the male and female aspects when people ask why the heck I've not finished my manicure, why I've only got polish on two fingers and why I'm wearing gold when it's suppose to be pink worn on my pinky. In all honesty there's been a lot of people asking me about it. 

So lovely readers, all I ask is that you consider the men types in our lives when raising awareness of cancers. If you're getting involved in painting your pinky pink why not paint your ring fingers a masculine colour. Yin and Yang is good, it keeps you balanced - let's do the same when raising awareness of this horrible condition. 

Why not visit Malecancer.org for more info on their #skyballs campaign or Macmillan  and also Breast Cancer Care for more on Breast Cancer Awareness. 


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