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Pomegranates - The Secret to Eternal Youth

Weleda are one of my all time favourite natural skincare brands. I've yet to find a product I didn't get along with or one that's disappointed me.. have you? They always tend to smell amazing, feel luxurious and works exceptionally well. This Pomegranate Firming Facial Care Collection is no different, I have two products here which have been thoroughly tested so I could share the results with you guys. 

The pomegranate's a superfood that is rich in vitamin c and in the world of antioxidants it fares better than green tea and cranberry juice. On the skin it's aims are to protect against future damage, repair the skin from within and to reduce the signs of ageing. First up is Pomegranate Firming Eye Cream which comes in a 10ml tube. 

This product was the Eco Beauty Award in the 2012 CEW Beauty Awards and for a very good reason - it works and it works fast. I literally gasped at how well this worked, I applied it around the eye area tapping it gently to smooth it in and straight away my eyes instantly felt and looked more awake, smoother and my lines were less visible.  

I know it says 'reduced the appearance of wrinkles, tautens the skin and re-activates the skin regeneration' and while it's easy to read those statements and believe them time after time you are either disappointed or made to wait weeks for these signs to finally appear. With this Weleda Eye Cream you don't - within minutes you can see and feel the difference and this happens every time you use it. I now apply this before my make up in the morning so I can look fresh faced and bright eyed (when inside I'm dreaming of catching some Zzzzzz's).  

This apparently reduces the depth of wrinkles by 23% within 28 days. I'm not quite at the 28 days mark yet but shall keep you updated. 

The Pomegranate Firming Face Serum comes in a 20ml tube and also won the same Eco Beauty Award in 2012. Only the best of the best win CEW awards and this range really didn't surprise me that it won, to be honest. 

I've been using the facial serum at night so it can really get into the cells boosting them with nutrients and hydration. The facial serum works in exactly the same way as the eye cream but on a much larger scale. It also improves elasticity and resilience and whereas the eye cream reduced the depth of wrinkles by 23% the serum reduces them by a whopping 29% within 28 days. 

Both products are suited to all skin types including super sensitive, my son has sensitive and he wanted to try a bit of the facial oil and had no ill effects. The facial serum absorbs quickly leaving you feeling smooth rather than oily. 

This is marketed towards the 40+ lady but you and me know that ladies under 40 still get wrinkles and we still try to tackle them head on, this is the perfect, natural range for doing so. You can check it out over on the Weleda website HERE if you fancy it. I fully recommend this though because it leaves you looking and feeling ah-mazing!  


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