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Rita Ora to Release a Rimmel Collection

Love her or hate her she is definitely the queen of hipsters. Rita seemingly came out of nowhere in 2012 with her single 'How We Do (Party)' but had actually been signed to Jay-Z's label since 2009. 

Since 2012 she's been seen on the X-Factor UK as a guest judge - she did an awesome job; she's also had a string of top 10 hits and has been spread across many magazines and publications. In her spare time she's been known as the girlfriend of Rob Kardashian and the BFF of Cara Delevigne. 

When you think of Ora what comes to mind? is it any one of those mentioned above? or is it her bright red luscious lips? It seems that Rimmel have clued into Rita's ability to keep on trend and have collaborated with her on a collection that's due for release around February 2014. 

The capsule colour collection will include lip and nail shades - the aim of the collection is to bring wearers a 'Young, fresh, and modern' look. You know there has to be a red lippy in this collection, I'd be very surprised if there isn't but then again Kate Moss did a red and Rihanna for MAC done a red so I do wonder of Rita's [possible] red will be better than the Kate Moss products? 

Here are some of my favourite make up looks for Rita: 

I'll keep you posted on the product images as they come in lovelies. 

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