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Selena Gomez & Nicole by OPI Collaboration -It's a Good One

Honestly, I've never felt the urge to purchase any of the Nicole by OPI polishes, not sure why? Maybe it's the colours have never stood out enough to make me stop what I'm doing and add a bottle to checkout. The Nicole by OPI brand is targeted towards the younger polish lover but the reality I feel is that the OPI polishes are far more vibrant, modern and in style than the Nicole by OPI polishes is. All of that may have just changed with this new collaboration though. 

The brand has collaborated with Selena Gomez, I think Selena's an excellent role model especially when a lot of young stars have gone to such extreme's to get noticed Selena isn't ever really on the gossip sites or written about in a negative way. The collaboration consists of two new gift sets which are being released in America this month, there's no word if they will hit our shores and if so when; I hope they do come to the UK though because they're really gorge. 

The first set consists of a full-sized polish in Pretty in Plum, this is a deep purple cream gloss finish. Also included as a freebie is a mini-sized Gumdrops which is a silver matte textured polish (similar to liquid sand I suppose). 

The second set much like the first contains a full-sized polish in Scarlett, this is a shimmery red-violet shade and comes with a free mini-sized Gumdrops as before. Each set is limited edition and is a great addition to any seasonal wardrobe. 

You have texture, shimmer, shine and colour. What more could you need? If you stay in the US you can find these for $7.99 at Kmart, Ulta and CVS. Once I get any word on a UK release date (if there is one) I'll keep you posted lovelies. 


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