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The Body Shop Christmas Sneak Peek

The Body Shop always step it up in the run-up to Christmas don't they? I always purchase a few gifts sets and body butter tend to be my weakness, you can never get enough body butters I believe *smiles* 

I have a little treat for you, I have a few gift sets that will be out in the run up to December. They're not available yet but I'm pretty sure you will see these feature in one of the gift guides along the way so I'll be sure to give you the correct details as soon as possible. 

First up... 

Gingerbread Sparkle Hand Cream - The cutest little gingerbread man on the block. 'Run, run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man...' Well Mr Gingerbread man we have indeed caught you.  This is perfect for those little stocking fillers, secret Santa's or keeping aside for those random presents or guests that turn up (or you've mistakenly forgot in the process - oops). The formula is rich, the scent is zingy ginger and it's limited edition and very cute. 

Next up is this cutie patootie tinned Snowman Gift Set. I've no official name for him yet but he hides the greatest treasures that suit everyone of all ages, take a peek...

Ta-da! it's a mummy and baby sized Shea Butter. One for your home and one for your bag or car or how ever you like to use it. I love that the tin is also re-usable and would be excellent for crafty bits or even homemade cookies - Yum! 

Again I'll update you on the official name, link and price as soon as I get them. The third gift set is....

This trio gift set which contains the Gingerbread Sparkle Hand Cream, Vanilla Bliss Hand Cream and Pomegranate Joy Hand Cream. Again no official name or price but it's cute huh. I have to say that the Vanilla Bliss is utterly divine and is my favourite. It's not overly sweet and cloying but still has that warming home scent to it. They all smell amazing don't get me wrong but I love foodie smells so the vanilla and gingerbread win hands down *boom-boom* 

What do you think of these three gift sets? Which is your favourite? Once released these will be available over on The Body Shop UK website HERE

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