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The Body Shop : Iconic Fragrance Grows Up.

Where you one of those teens who hit The Body Shop at the weekend with your pocket money? purchasing those fruity soaps (that cost about 50p each), those bath pearls and spritzing on either vanilla or White Musk fragrance? I was, I admit it freely and unashamedly. 

I found the White Musk got me through many years of teen angst, I felt amazing when I wore it and it was one of those scents that gave of a happy vibe. When I hit my late teens I'd moved on to bigger and better things or so I thought, I moved on to Lacoste, Burberry and Nina Ricci - yes I was a perfume hipster. 

Now as an adult I find the popular fragrances to be all a bit too similar, if you'd mentioned White Musk a month ago I would have smiled and said 'ah ok' as I really felt indifferent about it. Now though I find out that it's grown up, moved out, gotten itself a tasty looking partner and taken up smoking - gosh I feel so old now. 

The White Musk Smoky Rose Collection contains a range of products in a floriental fragrance. White Musk Rose opens with a twist of bergamot, pink pepper and blackcurrant; heart notes of tobacco flower and rose accord snuggles into orange flower; a blend of musks, immortelle flower and olibanum... YUM! This fragrance has personality and depth, so much so you'd be mistaken for thinking it was a major fragrance designer who had concocted it. 

Products include: 

  • Bath & Shower Gel £6.50 
  • Eau de Parfum £14.00 
  • Body Lotion £10.00 
  • Fragrance Mist £7.50
  • Eau de Toilette £11.00 for 30 ml and £16.00 for 60ml 
I love this so badly, is it me trying to regain my youth? - maybe. As soon as you start ticking the 30-45 years boxes on questionnaires I think it's OK to hold onto some childhood traits, isn't it? At least I'm not donning shell suits and bum bags, imagine the horror. 

You can actually purchase any of these products now for a change. They're available over on The Body Shop website.


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  1. Ah dewberry and white musk were my favourites! I also love the perfume oil! Must check it out next time I'm in store x

    1. Ah lovely, I got it! it smells like strawberry jam with a hint of seduction. It's so gorgeous x


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