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The Body Shop - White Musk Smoky Rose EDT Review

I blogged about this last week, the original post about this fragrance's release can be found here. As soon as I heard about the notes I HAD to get it, I couldn't not even though I'm trying to cut back with there only being 71 (I think) days until crimbo - so excited by the way. 

So cutting back aside I had to get this and I'm oh so glad I did. I don't tend to judge a fragrance by its brand because many lower brands have been concocted in the same place as higher branded fragrances. I judge fragrances on their notes and of course the packaging (I really need to get over the packaging snobbery don't I?) 

The notes in this are bergamot, pink pepper and blackcurrant; heart notes of tobacco flower and rose accord and orange flower. The bottom notes of musk, immortelle flower and olibanum complete this fragrance. Overall it's described as a floriental scent, personally, I think this smells like tart strawberry jam mixed with sexiness. No idea how it can smell of strawberry jam but I really think it does.  

It was love at first sniff and I can't get enough of it. I can't remember the last time I felt this strongly about a fragrance as soon as it was released, I tend to be someone who likes a fragrance, let's it simmer a bit, reads the reviews, checks the notes, maybe gets a tester and then decides if I like it. I've never purchased any fragrance in the same month of it being released. 

This is the 60ml size which costs £16, the 30ml costs £11. I figured purchasing the 60ml was value for money as it's only £5 more for double the amount. You can pick it up either in-store or online HERE


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