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The Cutest Halloween Accessories by Charlotte Olympia

I'm a huge fan of Charlotte Olympia's shoes. Those cute kitten pumps you see in the shops, she was the original creator. Charlotte Olympia's shoes are definitely not cheap but they're so fun you can't fail to not want them and this collection makes me want them ALL. 

Charlotte likes to bring a sense of fun to her collections which is definitely apparent in this line. I love that she's not scared to break the boundaries of what's right. She also designs some kooky heels but they are so wearable which is what makes them very attractive. Charlotte is inspired by her two sons, I totally get that. My sons inspire me so much and if I was a shoe designer I guess I'd pretty much do a Halloween line just as Charlotte has. Sons are amazing aren't they (so are daughter's but as a mummy to boys I'm biased). 

This is some of the capsule collection: 

Bite Me Kitty Flats in black and purple and The Boo! Flats in the centre. Those kitty flats are iconic and I love the little twist with the fangs and red eyes. The Boo! flats are cute but would you wear them outside of October? 

Minerva's Web Booties - I'm truly in love these are just so breathtakingly beautiful. The white pumps with the bats on are cute but not really my style, in comparison to the other shoes they don't look as chic. 

Blood Red Suede Vampire Pumps and black cat pumps. I don't have an official name for the black cat pumps yet but I love these two pairs so much. Imaging wearing these to work! 

Glow in the dark bone heels  and purple bat platforms. I'm loving how simple the bone shoes are but I'm not entirely sold on the purple platforms. 

The Boo! Pumpkin Clutch and the gorgeous Sucker for Pandora Clutch Box. The clutch box is so gorgeous I love that there's so much depth to it and it's so unique.

There are a few other bits not pictured here as the peeps at Charlotte Olympia are trying to keep everything hush-hush until the launch date. I absolutely love the Minerva web booties as they would be ideal all year round wouldn't they. There's a bat shaped clutch not featured here which is so damn cute too. 

The capsule collection launches on the 7th of October and can be found online at Charlotte Olympia's website HERE.


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