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This Week's Most Reached For

I wanted to post another 'most reached for' this week because I have really been going for it beauty and skincare wise. I've nearly finished so many of my favourite products and instead of just showing them on an empties post I wanted to show you some of the others I tend to reach for each day. 

This week has been another week of trying to TLC my skin and body. I recently found out I have severe fluid retention caused by my thyroid - this has resulted in severe puffiness, bloating and cellulite appearance on my butt, thighs and even the tops of my arms. It gets so bad some days that I literally put on 1 stone+ of water weight only to lose it within 3 days, the cycle continues and I've not had to keep a mixed wardrobe of clothes sized from 8's upwards to 12's. It gets me down so badly and when it's really bad I end up with severe migraines so taking care of what I have is important. 

I have also been looking into a few ways of dealing with these issues as well as trying many of them out also. I will blog separately on those because I know so many of you deal with water and fluid retention, bloating and cellulite. 

Here's what my go-to products were lovelies... 

Mark Hill MiracOILicious hair oil - I blogged about this here and since my first use, I haven't turned back. I rarely have to use conditioners and hair masks any-more and this no doubt will run out within the next day or two. It's definitely on my forever list. 

Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream - This is super expensive, like scarily expensive but there comes a point in a woman's life where you are so desperate you will try anything. I found this does definitely fade the smaller stretch marks and with my weight yoyo-ing every few days it has stopped more from happening but once it's done-it's-done as far as I'm concerned, nice cream, it does help but not enough to warrant the major price tag. This should be finished in a week or so. 

Benefit Eyeshadow - You can no longer get this as it's quite old (my bad) it's the perfect nude colour on me and I really love it - it's definitely been my go-to natural shadow. It's really velvety soft on the lids and unlike a lot of nude or natural shades this really is quite pigmented, I find it covers my blue veins and irregular skin colours really easily. If I had to liken it to a current product in the Benefit range I'd say it's similar to 'Call My Bluff' eyeshadow. 

Sampar Prodigal Pen - L-O-V-E the Sampar brand so badly. I would literally try anything they made and this product is no exception to my irrationally crazy love for the brand. 

Artdeco Eyebrow Pen - I've included this in so many of my posts purely because I use it daily. I've actually had this one for nearly a year with daily use and it's still going strong. It goes on semi-transparent so you can leave it as is and be left with a natural look (for the ends of your brows for example) or you can layer it to give a deeper result that looks completely natural. It's really lightweight, doesn't smudge or run in the rain and looks 100% natural and is easy to use. Thoroughly recommend this product for anyone who likes to take care of their brows. 

L'Oreal Glamshine Stain Splash - This is 'Romy' and it's a gorgeous natural pink colour. I love these stains because they do feel very light on the lips, you can apply and forget about it and it does last. I've not tried any of the darker shades so I'm not sure if those would bleed but this light pink doesn't. It also doesn't dry the lips like so many 

Rapidbrow - Another brilliant product that genuinely works. Prior to using this my eyebrows were scant, gappy and didn't grow correctly probably due to over plucking and years of medication. I didn't really think any of the 'Rapidbrow and Rapidlash' products would work but I was proven wrong. My eyebrows hardly need any filling in, their now more natural and thicker than ever before. Cara Delevigne eat your heart out (picture to be updated soon I promise), if you missed my original review you can find it here

4711 - I also blogged about the larger size here. I always have 4711 and currently, in my stash, I have this teeny bottle, a medium sized bottle, and a large bottle. I tend to use this as a spot on treatment for new pimples or ones that may cause the infection to spread - it stings when you apply it due to the large alcohol content BUT it works wonders, 4711 is marketed as a fragrance though. True fact. 

So that's what I've been reaching for, what have you all been reaching for? 

* Mix of PR Samples and items I purchased * 

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