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Top 15 Halloween Must See TV Shows & Films

There's no better way to get into the Halloween mood than watching a good movie or TV series. I have a long-long list of films suitable for the season but wanted to compile my top 15 which includes TV series, adults and children's movies. 

Why not snuggle up in your cosy PJ's with the rest of your loved ones, some snacks - cupcakes and popcorn are my all-time favourites and do nothing. Turn off your phones, draw the curtains and drown out the world. 

Halloween Movies

TV Series

Vampire Diaries - Who's side are you on Stefan or Damon's? I don't really need to introduce this series, do I? Oh, I'm Damon all the way. 

Grimm - The Grimm is played by a detective called Nick, this is a perfect crime and supernatural mix with the normal issues that come into our lives such as crazy ex's, BFF woes and relationship stuff. 

Supernatural - Supernatural fighting brother duo, Dean and Sam fight lots of baddies while trying to get their lives in order. 

True Blood - Blood, sex and faeries. This isn't for children's eyes I can tell you that 

ParaNorman - Norman can see and speak to ghosts, the rest of his town can't. Can Normal save them from an ancient curse? 

Hotel Transylvania - We love this any time of the year. Adam Sandler plays the dad so you can imagine how funny it is. It's his daughter Mavis's coming of age and like most parents, he doesn't want her to move out. 

Fun Size - Centred around Halloween Wren is forced to go trick or treating with her little brother and best friend April. Her brother goes missing and in the end, well I'll let you watch it to find out - it's really good. 

City of Angels - Seth's an angel, after seeing Dr Maggie Rice he falls for her - literally. Finding love together wasn't easy, I'll not say much more but if you haven't seen this yet I completely urge you to do so. 

The Twilight Series - 'Look After My Heart, I've Left it With You' *sigh* Words can't explain my love for this series. It's the perfect mix of romance, darkness and angst. 

Byzantium - Just watched this film, mother and daughter try to hide their secret. But, the daughter meets a boy and stuff gets tough. 

Practical Magic - Sandra Bullock and sister Nicole Kidman take care of a little male problem will being accepted by their town eventually. 

Hocus Pocus - Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker pre-Sex and the City. A hilarious retro movie about witches. 

The Craft - Badass coven getting all magical and powerful and crazy. It's good stuff. 

The Amityville Horrors - This is supposed to be based on a true story which is what makes it even freakier than a standard horror. A lovely family move into a new home, the husband slowly starts to lose it. Trust me it's a watcher but you may want to go pee before pressing play. 

The Wicker Man - Nicholas Cage stars in this horror as a police officer who tries to solve the strangeness of the small island that houses a small pagan community


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