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Top 16 || Etsy Accessories Wishlist

Accessories have always been a major weakness of mine, and probably always will be. I'm very much a fan of finishing off an outfit with a gorgeous set of bangles or earrings combined with shoes (I adore shoes too). 

I love to mix up styles, materials and colours and spend so much time browsing Etsy for new items to wish for. Etsy is just female porn, isn't it? that's what hairy boy says when I'm gazing at the laptop shouting 'ooh look at this' 'ah this is beautiful' and 'oh em gee I need this.' 

To ease my need to shop I compiled this wishlist of my favourite pieces from Etsy. These are all on my wishlist and have been so for months. I doubt I would ever grow bored of these and they're the type of pieces that could continually be mixed up to really make an outfit pop or to highlight a feature such as your eyes, high cheekbones or even your decolletage. 

Each box is clickable and will take you straight to the creator's shop over on Etsy if you fancy getting your shop or window shop on... 

the beetle bracelet

Orange statement fabric neck...

Hamsa hand

Silver Crop Circles - earrin...

Sterling Silver Stacking Rin...

HOT ON SALE Knot Necklace Ro...

Mountains and rivers - silve...

Rough Diamond Stud Earrings ...

Mandala pendant necklace in ...

How Strange It Is - Banner N...

Crystal Porcelain Necklace

Sunny Bangle Set, Stackable ...

Sterling silver cat lady ring

Pyramid Quartz Necklace, Min...

Infinity Bangle Bracelet, Si...

Vintage Style Hawk Necklace,...

That beetle bracelet at the start is lush. I adore everything they sell. I've been actively trying to look for some new jewellery pieces, you may remember me mentioning my struggles. Most places either offer pieces that are generic or over-priced. Don't get me wrong there have been some pieces that I have really loved but there's nothing as unique and affordable as what I can find over on Etsy. 

Is there any jewellery or accessory sites that you love? Please tell me it's not just me with a jewellery weakness? 

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