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Transformulas Radiant Lift Mask || Is It Any Good?

Transformula's Radiant Mask aims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles within 28 days. While I can't really vouch for those claims due to hormone issues and using other products in-between and poor health what I can vouch for is its ability to leave you with an awesome skin. 

This formula contains fruit acids and glycolic acids which work by exfoliating away dead skin cells so healthy cells can regrow, this stops your skin looking dull and lacklustre. Also included is one of my favourite (non-eco-friendly) ingredient which is Syn-ake. I've blogged about snake and viper marketed products before. The magic snake ingredient is actually peptides that mimic the venom from a temple viper and not physical snake venom. Having used Syn-ake based products before and been completely blown away, I do feel this helps the overall appearance of your skin. 

You apply this in the same way as any other mask. It's a thick clay-based cream which applies really evenly but what I did find is that it can sting. It took me a few tries until I felt comfortable actually leaving it on, I then started using it on my problem areas as a spot treatment and then onto my t-zone. Although there were the initial difficulties I continued to persevere simply because the end results were exactly what I was hoping for. 

Recently my skins had a mind of its own, it's been very upsetting because as much as I try to get it under wraps it continues to do its own thing. My forehead, nose and chin have broken out, there's redness on my t-zone and my forehead and nose are so oily it's ridiculous. On those days where it becomes too much I whip out my mask, apply and as soon as I was it away my skin feels softer, the redness disappears and my oiliness dissipates for a few days at least.  

I will purchase this again when it finishes, which is soon to be honest possibly in the next week or so. You can purchase this from the Transformula's website if you wanted to get in on the action. 


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