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Transformula's Youthful Hands | Does It Work?

I am actively nipping ageing in the bud right here and now. I apply creams to the backs of my hands at least twice a day and while I don't know what good it's doing long-term the truth is I'm not willing to stop and then the signs of ageing start to rear their ugly head too soon. 

Normally I use whatever face cream or body creams I've just applied, I tend to just extend the application to the backs of my hands. When I was asked if I wanted to test out the Transformula's Youthful Hands formula I had to say yes, I was giddy at the prospect because I know how amazing this brand is having tried a few of their products in the past. 

Like the rest of the Transformula's branding, this product comes in the chic mirrored silver packaging and they always include a little freebie sample; A Facelift in a Jar was included on this occasion. The aims of this cream are too plump the skin, fade pigmentation, tackle wrinkles, soften, protect and repair the skin on the hands. I originally thought surely it won't do all of that? It just sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? 

As soon as it arrived and I'd had a read of the product info I had to get my cream on. Recently my health's been bad, my liver has been playing up and my thyroid which has ultimately caused bad oedema, it's really uncomfortable and my skin feels dry, stingy and sore. I'm now on tablets to reduce the overall swelling, but I hoped this cream was also going to soothe the skin in the interim, making me a bit more comfortable. 

Here's the cream swatch (and of course, my swollen hands and fingers)

The cream is thick but not in the same way as an emollient. It definitely has a balm-like quality to it and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth. I don't have age spots on my hands yet so I'm not sure if it has passed that promise. It did leave my hands feeling comfortable and soft far longer than any other brand has done before and it definitely soothed, my veins stopped poking out as much which I actually find hugely embarrassing normally. 

This cream contains lots of great ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Avocado Peptides, Amino-acids and advanced technology. While this is an amazing hand cream there was only one gripe I had with it, in the long run, it's not something that would put me off from re-purchasing this. The gripe was the scent, it's as though you can literally smell the advanced technology - it smells very chemical laden rather than natural and it's not something I particularly like to be honest. I haven't come across this issue with the other Transformula's products, though. 

It isn't a cheap option by any means as it will set you back £29.95 but, what I will say is the lasting power and the overall benefits are worth it! If your hands are something that get you down, you might try to hide them to cover your age or you may just want to slow down the ageing signs then I'd fully recommend this product. You can check it out over on Amazon here if you fancy tackling the signs of ageing now. 

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