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Vita Liberata Dew Body and Face Dry Oil

Vita Liberata don't just make awesome tanning products and this dry oil is one product in a collection of many non-tanning ones. I previously blogged about the Capture The Light, Illuminating Skin Finish product and also the pHenomenal Tan here if you missed those. 

I am big on moisturising the body, I wasn't always this way and rarely popped moisturiser onto my body or face until my mid-twenties. Now, I moisturise head to toe at least twice a day and because of this I race through tubes and bottles of creams and lotions every month. Recently I've been using oils on my body as a way to give my lotions an extra boost and to make my creams last that little bit longer. 

I believe that the oils really get deep into the skin cells and ultimately help smooth out my cellulite, stretch marks and I'm also trying to stop ugly veins from popping up. I then apply the creams and lotions to areas that maybe a little bit drier and that need the extra TLC. I was sent the Vita Liberata Dry Oil Dew Body and Face Oil to test out, I knew before it arrived that it was going to be amazing because the other products in the range were also. 

This is a 75ml spray oil that definitely leaves me feeling smooth and hydrated without the slip and slide greasy feeling that some leave you with. It can be used on your face, body and hair - I've yet to use it on my hair but I will test that out and report back. 

The spray has a slight shimmer that won't leave you blatantly shiny or glittery but instead your skin looks healthy if that makes sense. On top of a fake tan such as the pHenomenal tan this will really give your colour an extra dimension. 

You can purchase this over on the Vita Liberata website as well as the Look Fantastic website. 

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  1. I have never heard of this, but I would definitely like to try it as my skin becomes very dry during winter so I prefer to use oils. Thanks for the review. I am glad I stumbled across your blog while googling Gucci Westmans real name. You contained it on your review of her Revlon collections.


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