Vita Liberata pHenomenal Tan

After blogging about the Vita Liberata Capture The Light Skin Finish, I checked my drafts to find *oops* I hadn't published the pHenomenal Tan post. My bad, I think some organisation needs to take place this week for sure. 

I previously told you that VL worked their butts off creating and reformulating their products so they could be known as, the worldwide leader in natural and organic tanning products. They did it and it was this drive that leads to the pHenomenal Tan being created - I'm so glad for their hard work. 

It's coming into Autumn now so I know tanning products aren't everyone cup of tea but this tan, I feel is perfect for all seasons. It leaves you looking natural, non-streaky and glowing so you're not left with that ugly orange tinge or biscuit scent some major brands leave you with. 

It's supposed to last 2 to 3 weeks but it didn't on me, that maybe because I'm really light-skinned so it became more noticeable, it may be because I bath and scrub daily or maybe I just didn't apply enough. It does last 1 to 2 weeks however which is more than enough time I feel. 

If you're just starting out with fake tan I would definitely recommend any of the VL shades, also if you're a seasoned fake tanner I promise you're going to love this brand, there are no faults I found with the product or formula. 

You can pick these up from the Vita Liberate website as well as the Boots website. 


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