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Weleda Citrus Duo Gift Set || Christmas Approved

These cute handbag duo gift sets come in a few variations. I have the citrus variation but you can also pick up a pomegranate, wild rose and sea buckthorn. I wanted to feature these because they are awesome gifts for ladies and gents of all ages, I also truly love the Weleda brand because it's made with good stuff that works, in some cases even better than it's competitors who easily charge double the price. 

In each gift set, you will find two full-sized 200ml products which are the body wash and body lotion. The citrus set contains the hydrating lotion and creamy body wash and they smell amazing. fresh, clean and citrus sharp - perfect for the whole family. I previously reviewed the citrus body oil (here) so I can vouch for how amazing the citrus products smell for sure, so invigorating and I normally dislike citrus scents. 

The gift sets are all individually priced, this gift set is an affordable £21.90 and the Pomegranate is the most expensive at £30.90 most probably due to the ingredients in the products and the fact that the pomegranate has absolutely amazing anti-ageing benefits. Do you remember my Pomegranate reviews? if not you can check them out here

There are a few other gift sets over on the Weleda website here, the cutest and cheapest that I can see are the starter kits at £6.95 and comes in the sea buckthorn, almond, wild rose and pomegranate versions (they're really awesome, check them out). 

Did you all alter your clocks to fall back on Saturday night? Oops, I didn't until Sunday afternoon. I was wondering why the heck I woke up so early. 


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