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Yankee Candle Haul

Yup I not only haul beauty goodies I also haul smellies such as these Yankee Candle votives. I'm a sucker for the Halloween scents especially Witches Brew. I tend to peruse the Yankee website regularly and I noticed they had an offer on their votives, of course I was all over it who wouldn't have been? 

I went on to purchase the offer which consisted of 10 Halloween votives for £12 and also added a few newer scents that I hadn't sniffed before. In total there was 14 which have since all been burned. There was a few I loved, some meh's and one I hated, even my sons asked what the stink was and I so wanted to love it. Here's the run-down of those scents...

Honey & Spice - Honey, Sugar Cane, Cinnamon, and Cocoa. I was so excited about this votive but once lit the scent kind of just disappeared. I really wanted this to smell like true honey with a side of spice but nope it was kind of blah. More honey please Yankee! 

Candy Corn - A sweet seasonal scent that reminds me of marshmallows burning with sticky caramel. It's not overly 

Witches Brew - I a-d-o-r-e patchouli and this candle is patchouli at it's best. 

Vanilla Chai - Ginger, Cinnamon and Vanilla make up a gorgeous warming spicy scent. This is definitely a Christmas scent with a spicy kick that fades to a soft feminine sweetness. 

Camomile  Tea - Camomile tea leaves with a hint of citrus. I, however, didn't smell anything that blew me away, it's delicate - maybe too delicate for my nose. 

Salted Caramel - Salted Caramel consists of burnt sugar, sea salt, and smooth vanilla caramel. I had faith that this would be my new favourite, I had high hopes that it would deter my sweet cravings and I was contemplating buying about 5 of these to stock up... I'm glad I didn't. It was horrid, I lit it and straight away my sons all came in 'ewwwwing' about the stink. They asked if our puppy had farted! It was so cloying and wrong in my opinion. I'm not sure if the larger jar candles may smell smoother though? 

What's your favourite Yankee fragrance? have you got any new scents on your wishlist? You can check out the Yankee ranges at a few places. I purchased mine from Yankee Direct here.


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  1. Love yankee I really need to buy some more of there candles

    1. What's your favourite Yankee candle Joanna? There's so many lush scents isn't there. x


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