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Advanced Nutrition Programmes Skin Supplements

After the number of issues I've had with my weight and the serious allergies, my skin is an absolute mess. I've always had pretty good skin with the occasional hormonal breakout (a spot or two) either on my chin or forehead but recently you'd be forgiven for thinking I was an acne sufferer whose acne is starting to clear up. The spots and boils that have gone away have left red marks and each day I wake up with new spots, lumps, and boils. 

My GP does think it's going to clear up as my body repairs itself and I have noticed a difference in both my skin and weight since I stopped eating the foods that lead to the allergic response but it's still frustrating. I look at my skin and feel disgusted at times, I do everything right with regards to cleaning and treating the issue and I think that's why it's so upsetting - because even when I do things right it's simply not enough. 

So once again I find myself going back to basics. I would love to pop up a photo of my face right now but honestly, I'm not comfortable doing that. What I will do is take a photo and show the difference from this point to what my skins like in say four or six weeks. I shall be starting to supplement my skin routine with these two mini pouches of supplements. 

The Mini Skin Collagen Support (£8) contains 14 capsules and the Mini Skin Omegas (£11) contain 20 capsules. Both work to increase collagen building blocks that leave the skin looking plump, glowing and youthful as well as also working as antioxidants (reduce the rate of nasties that damage your skin) and protectors. They're both gel capsules so won't taste disgusting, I really struggle to take some chalky supplements or supplements that smell or taste like beef (yes I'm looking at your multi-vits). 

You can purchase your own mini pouch or the larger pots of these supplements from the Advanced Nutrition Programme website here


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