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Ahava | Deadsea Mud Gentle Body Exfoliator

Ahava specialises in products made with Dead Sea mud. Recently they've expanded their range and created a new body exfoliator collection, I personally love a good exfoliator but it can be difficult finding one that works well and doesn't aggravate your skin. 

In the past, I've found it difficult to find a body exfoliator that didn't make me break out (breast spots are never a good look) or one that didn't leave me feeling as though there was a coating on my skin. I don't react well to creamy based exfoliators and prefer ones that have gritty scrubby bits, those minute scrubby bits really do nothing for me I feel. 

Ahava exfoliating products contain Dead Sea ingredients which are mud, salt, water or plants. I opted for the mud version because it's always been favourable for my combination skin type. Each product aims to leave you with the ultimate exfoliating experience, improved radiance, reinforced circulation and super smooth skin.

 I've only started to use the product but so far I can tick the boxes for super smooth skin, fantastic exfoliating experience and improved radiance. I found the scrubby bits were a perfect size, they scrubbed well without leaving my skin scratched or sensitive. I have small but visible pores on my chest area, most high street scrubs don't clean this area as well as I'd like so I do tend to use my Supracor mitt. Using the Ahava scrub I don't feel like I've had to whip out the Supracor mitt to get that deep clean feeling that I like. 

The products in this collection are: 

Deadsea Water Mineral Body Exfoliator (£18.50) - Pomegranate scented blue gel with red seaweed granules suspended in the formula. Rich in essential minerals which hydrate the skin while providing moisture and impurity removal. 
Deadsea Plants Smoothing Body Exfoliator (£25) - Argan shells and grape seeds promotes skin clarity and radiance. The polyphenols and flavonoids in the grape seeds also detoxify the skin against free radicals which speed up the ageing process. 
Deadsea Mud Gentle Body Exfoliator (£20) - Loaded with pumice stone granules for intensive cleansing. Dead Sea Black Mud is rich in minerals which soothe problematic skin while providing moisture, lava powder and volcanic rock help to gently exfoliate all skin types including sensitive without causing irritation. This is the product I have which is pictured above. 
Deadsea Salt Softening Butter Salt Exfoliator (£25) - Grapefruit scented Dead Sea salt paste helps to rejuvenate and relax while gently scrubbing away dead cells, energising and hydrating your skin in the process. Dunaliella algae are also included for its rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Jojoba and Coconut oils hydrate and refine the skin's texture. 
Overall I'm impressed by both the ingredients and the product. I will repurchase this when it finishes and I really want to Plants Smoothing Body Exfoliator because I adore argan products, I also want skin clarity - who doesn't? 

You can check these products out over on Beauty Bay


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