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Alexa Chung For Eyeko

Alexa Chung has taken on the role of Creative Director with Eyeko. Her first collection is mostly aimed at the eyes and includes absolutely awesome blue and black packaging as pictured below - how rockabilly is that? Alexa's just so cool isn't she, a real hipster. I'm guessing teenagers and young adults will be all over these products to be honest. 

The collection includes Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner and Eye Do Mascara. The packaging has been specifically designed to be oversized to house a limited edition poster - don't get me wrong it's great that they've collaborated and I'm definitely interested in seeing if it works well but I doubt very much I'll be popping up an Eyeko poster on my designer wallpaper anytime soon. 

The liner is waterproof and can be applied over or under eyeliner, I think this is a fab touch because I've popped eyeshadow on so many time and then thought 'oh heck forgot the liner' and while it applies it then sinks in and gets lost in the shadow. The mascara is what excites me - it's formulated with a Lash Growth formula, vitamins A, E, Keratin, Ginkgo Biloba and Botanical Proteins.  The mascara is also waterproof and is free of parabens! *smiles* 

These will launch exclusively at Selfridges on November 14th but expect they will hit other sites shortly after. You can visit Eyeko here though to keep on track of it. 


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