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Anna Sui | AW13 Goodies

Anna Sui celebrates their 15th anniversary this autumn and to celebrate they've created these amazingly detailed magical beauty pieces. I'm so in love, I had an international release date of November 5th but I'm sure that's changed. Take a peek at the absolutely gorgeous whimsical beauties. 

The first Rose Ring Rouge was created back in 2001, this year they've changed it up. It's no longer a rose as it's taken on a blinging gem shape. There are eight lip shades which are: 

 Anna Red - Deep vampy red. 
 Fuchsia - Pinky-pink.
 Coral Pink - Creamy coral pink.  
 Clear Pink - Jelly finish with a hint of pink, gold and red pearlescent. 
 Dazzling Purple - Pearlescent purple with a hint of red and silver. 
 Natural Orange - Hint of colour with a gold undertone. 
 Glittery Beige - Natural with a gold pearl undertone. 
 Dazzling gold - Pearlescent gold with a hint of silver. 

The 'Magic Box' can be used for trinkets or jewellery. I'm currently planning my new bedroom decor and as wrong as it seems I want to make it monochrome just so I can fit this piece in with the decor. It's so beautifully decorative that it's bound to pack a punch in any room, isn't it? I'd be dreaming of it creating magic wishes, holding a sinister magical potion or some other supernatural back story. 

Anna Sui Body Balm (purple tin) is rose scented and has a teeny hint of sparkle. There is also a similar tin which is red but that's the lip balm (not pictured) and of course not forgetting the doll compact mirror above, how ornate is that? Moving on to the fabulous products *sigh* ...

Those nail varnishes, even if you're not a nail polish fan you can't not love the packaging can you? I ADORE it. I want them all just so they won't miss each other, there are five colours including:

 Snow White
 Sparkling Silver
 Vivid Red
 Neon Pink
 Midnight Purple

The mascara comes in the two shades shown; Rich Black and Pink Brown (never heard of pink brown before but oh well it looks more chestnut to me personally). I'm definitely intrigued by the brown, the black doesn't excite me only because I'm truly in love with Artdeco and Benefits mascaras. 

The foundation set isn't apart of the Disney collaboration but I had to fit it in just for it's cuteness. It is an AW13 release and includes a pressed powder compact, primer and the cuteness clutch ever. I adore it and would totally rock it with a minimal outfit. Just because you hit your thirties doesn't mean you can't rock kawaii products toned down. 
It's these that have me excited. Out of everything I need these, even if it's just a lipstick - I'd be happy with that. Pictured above is the Minnie lipsticks only seem to come in these sets so if you miss out it's going to be an Amazon or eBay job lovelies. 

The purple gift set is called the Minnie Mouse Romantic Serenade Kit and includes the pink Minnie lipstick *sigh* and a bow-shaped eyeshadow compact which includes light pink, sparkling khaki and medium brown shadows and an applicator. The red and black gift set is the Mouse Rock Song Kit and includes the red Minnie lipstick and the bow eyeshadow compact. Shades include pearl white, icy silver and diamond blue shadows and of course an applicator.

I love the red Mouse Rock Song kit but the shadows colours aren't appealing to me, I wish they'd gone deeper - more rock and roll tones. Either way, I'm going to get my quirky hands on one of those lippies. 

What's your thoughts and opinions on these, which ones are you coveting? 

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  1. Ooooo need the ring too :) love these so much x



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