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Artdeco // Love is in the Air Collection 2014

Oooh it's a sneaky peek at the new Artdeco Love is in the Air collection today sweeties. This is of course a 2014 collection which is due to launch around Januaury time. It's similar to a lot of the seasonal 2013 collection in that the product line up remains the same but of course the shades are different. 

I adore Artdeco because their products are both functional and exceptional. The shades tend to veer more towards a functional rather than fashionable take on colour but this is what makes the brand I feel, I have so much make-up that's bright and fun but isn't functionable for day to day wear but with Artdeco you can have your classic style and you can also work in your brighter pops of colour without attracting the wrong sorts of looks as you walk into the workplace or the school grounds. 

This collection is said to be inspired by springtime and how the new season gives us all that feeling of love, being born and hope. New flowers, butterflies, bee's, baby animals and sunshine - if you mixed all of this into one bit idea pot then this collection is what would come out the other end. 

Let's take a peek shall we... 

With each collection comes a newly designed Quattro box to store your favourite shadows and blusher in. This design is of course limited edition but that being said the concept is genius, I adore custom palettes. This Quattro stores up to four eyeshadows as well as a blusher.

There are four new eyeshadows being released those are: 251 Faded Line (light lime), 253 Emerald (dark green), 273 Violet (modern purple) and 275 Lavender (gentle lilac).  

There's two Art Couture Velvet Lipsticks in 667 Natural Beauty and 671 Velvet First Kiss. Perfect Colour Lipstick also comes in two shades, those are 57 Deep Love and 96 Happy Kiss. I adore Natural Beauty it looks like such a perfect nude shade doesn't it. 

I love the idea of the Eye Designer Applicator which is also limited edition, there are two refill shades which are 57 Emerald and 70 Lavender. I've used a similar smudge type colour applicator before with another brand and it was truly awesome - I wish I could remember which brand it was though. 

I adore two mascara's the first being Benefit's They're Real and the second is the All In One Mascara from Artdeco, for this collection they are releasing two shades which are 04 Blue Violet and 11 Emerald. I'm really not sure how well these colours will go down, I wish they'd brought out a new brown, plum, darker shade but then I suppose this is a spring collection isn't it. 

LOVE the Blusher and Cream Rouge (for cheeks and lips) which both come in one shade each - The blusher comes in 10 Gentle Touch and the Cream Rouge is 25 Creamy Love. It's rare that the blusher in a collection becomes my main focus but these shades are so perfect, I can totally imagine wearing these in spring *sigh* I can't wait until spring. 

The Ceramic Nail Lacquer, ah what to say, what to say? I dislike these so badly, they're everything I hate in polish but I do realise that they will be adored by fans of pearl polish. As you can see there are four polishes and those are 233 Emerald Mirror (green-blue), 246 Dark Violet (vivid violet), 247 My Love (rose tone with gold) and 273 Gentle Touch (apricot with gold pearl) 

What's your thoughts on those polishes? 

How soft and lush do the Waterproof Soft Eyeliners look? There's two shades 63 Emerald and 91 Blue Violet. The Soft Lip Liner comes in 73 Deep Love and looks equally soft and pout-able (yup it's a word, deal). 

Lip Gloss, ah it's so pretty. I've yet to try any of the Artdeco lip glosses so I do wonder if these give full coverage or just a hint? Does anyone know? The Long-Lasting Brilliance Lip Gloss comes in two shades 08 Brilliant Lip and 59 Brilliant Kiss, these two however would look fab worn together wouldn't they. 

Have you noticed more people are wearing two colours on their lips? I think it looks fab as long as the colours are similar - what do you sweeties think?  You can purchase Artdeco products from Debenhams here if you fancy it. 


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