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May Sum || Beautiful Lipstick Sculptures

May Sum found her calling as a creative type having created illustrations that have been printed on limited edition accessories and t-shirts, dolls, drawings on paper and beauty art such as the image above May Sum definitely has a unique talent. She also sculpts did I tell you that? while she has sculpted with the traditional types of materials in the past it's her ability to sculpt iconic celebrities, fantasy images, fashion and beauty items on to the bullet of a lipstick. 

She recently held an exhibition showing off her wonderful lipstick sculptures. Because the exhibition was so unique and zany it was only natural that a huge media frenzy followed, I mean when do you ever see famous faces sculpted into makeup? Never, that's when. 

So how did this art begin for creator May Sum? 

She was working for a magazine as a beauty reporter when the company shut its doors, having spare time she decided to do more hands-on work with make-up, quite literally. She started off sculpting with concealer due to having so much in her collection and she later progressed to lipsticks - as they say, the rest is history. 

It takes May anything from twelve hours to two weeks to create a detailed lipstick sculpture and she works on brands such as MAC, L'Oreal and Maybelline - she really works on any lipstick that's wide enough and sturdy enough to hold the overall figure. 

So... What do you think? 

Good, crazy, ridiculous, PR stunt or pure genius? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Oh, you can also visit May Sum's Etsy store Wahaha Factory if you fancy taking a peek at her work. 


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