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Benefit The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine

I'm so-so-so-so excited by this let me tell you - like seriously squeeing! I adore POREfessional as do millions (that's a guess by the way) of other Benefit Cosmetic fans across the world. POREfessional gives us model worthy skin that looks flawless, it basically erases away your pores leaving you looked photoshopped - it really does. It's so light on the skin too which I found hard to come by with other primers and primer type products which is why I adore it so much. 

But this isn't POREfessional, it's POREfessionals cooler-secret agent little sister and she's called POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine. 

Agent Zero Shine (AZS for short) offers the same benefits that the original POREfessional does but it's also designed to minimise shine and erase the look of pores temporarily of course. It's not a cream like the original either, this beauty is a twist, tap and sweep all-in-one powder brush that's suppose to be super easy to apply - plus it looks awesome too doesn't it. 

Unfortunately there's a bit of a wait, it won't be released until January 2014 but will cost an affordable £23.50 once it's live. Are you excited by this? 

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