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Bobbi Brown The Perfect Autumn Lipstick

At first glance, I thought meh lipsticks... Then I actually took notice and I have to say these look amazing. It's easy to see a lipstick, buy it and then put it away. Every so often you'll pull out your favourite bubblegum pink, passionate red and glossy nude and at other times it seems that you don't have the right colour even when you have a drawer of 50 or so lipsticks in varied shades. 

Delving deeper into this theory I realised that yes while I've got lots of lipsticks most are suited to the spring-summer rather than the deeper vampy autumn and winter shades, it's those autumn/winter shades I'm craving and this collection delivers every shade I want and need in one go. 

This collection is limited edition and each shade is a creamy matte formula - perfect for this season. Colours include Port, Heart, and Scarlet which are all have a red hue; Pale Beach, Nude Sand and Sandy Brown which are neutrals. 

These beauts will be available in December and will cost £19 I definitely want the purple (still addicted to those purples) and the central brown-nude shade it looks so creamy and yum. They will be available over on the Bobbi Brown website here next month. 


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