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Bobbi Browns Evening Out Set

What a beat this is. I've never gotten overly excited by the Bobbi Brown brand to be honest,  don't get me wrong the quality is superb and the shades are always my type of colours but there's something I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's the inner magpie in me that's always searching for the next best thing or the next product that's amazeballs (yep I just used amazeballs) but affordable. 

However, this limited edition Evening Out set has me sold in so many ways I can't wrap my head round it. It's so not me to fall for Bobbi B so badly (check me and my swag talk) I've heard on the grapevine this is exclusively sold at Harrods but the reality is they lied, it's also available on the Bobbi Brown website and it's live right now *yay* 

So what's so amazeballs? (promise I shall retire that word once this post finishes). I personally love it's versatility - it's easily a day to night palette which solves so much stress, space and clutter. Included is six shadows-a light base, four lid shades and a darker shade to line or apply the perfect smoky eye; you also get an eye shadow brush, eye smudger, angel eye shadow brush and liner brush as well as a lash-lengthening mascara in universal blackest black which is housed in this ca-yoot patent bag. 

The shadows included are Cream (pale pinkish white to apply all over), Halo (shimmering silver), Dove Pink (believably this is a brown-mauve and is lush), Stormy Grey (smouldering grey-brown), Silver Brown (brown-grey sparkle) and finally Smokey (Smoky black grey to line or give you that smouldering look). 

This will set you back a whopping £80, I know it's a lot but if you're looking for a palette that offers dual purposes, will be used daily with ease and looks awesome then this maybe worth adding to that Santa list ladies (and gents if you're into cosmetics). I've added it to my list but the reality is I doubt hubsters convinced by it - I'll keep working those hints though. You can find it over on the Bobbi Brown website here. 

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