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Boots Top 16 Christmas Gifts & Stocking Fillers

A recent visit to my local Boots resulted in my snapping away at my all time favourite gifts for this gift guide. I knew straight away which ones were awesome but most importantly affordable, what's even more perfect is that they are all in the three for two. If you buy three gifts you get the cheapest free or if you buy two gifts you get to choose another for free (same thing, but one sounds better than the other). I love Boots three for two deal and always take full advantage of it each year, I also love collecting my points as they really build up so be sure to take your Boots points card to really benefit, oh also check the machines in store for further offers as some may save you even more money or reward you with double points.  

So the top 16 gifts are: 
This was the first gift set that really stood out while I was browsing Boots. It's £14 and is the Ted Baker 'A Matter Of Distinction' gift set. It has 'Mo' appeal and includes 3 50g Moustache soaps, 15ml Face Wash and 150ml Post Shave Balm.   

This just looks so raw and chic doesn't it. I can imagine the type of many that would get use from this and while that's just my imagination, I do feel that this would suit men of all ages. This is the Fat Face Mug Gift Set and costs £16. It includes a white enamel retro style mug (love this), 200ml Hair and Body Wash and a 125 ml Body Spray. 

It's not just little girls that love perfumes and fragrance, I know my sons do. While I wouldn't go and purchase say a full size Davidoff aftershave I would purchase this cute little Eau De Toilette set. It costs £10 and includes three 5ml Angry Bird fragrances - I'm not sure what they will smell off but I know most little boys and girls will just love the novelty of being like mummy and daddy won't they. 

We all know a tea lover don't we? This is the perfect give for your tea buddies. It costs £10 and it's the Twinings Tea Selection Gift Set and includes an amazing 45 teabags. Flavours include English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, Assam, Mint Infusion, Lemon & Ginger, Orange & Lotus Flower, Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower and Chamomile, Honey & Lemon; there's 5 of each flavour in this awesome set. 

This is great as a standalone gift or along with the Twinings Tea Selection Above. I know these knitted cups have been done before but they're just so on trend year after year aren't they. This is the Twinnings Cosy Mug and it costs £7.50 and comes with 5 English Breakfast Teabags - it's just so versatile as a gift and can be given to anyone as long as they like tea. 

This is one mega mug and would be an excellent gift idea for the man in your life; it's so big it can be filled with your man's favourite goodies too. It's called the 'My Mug is Considerably Bigger Than Yours Mug' and costs £8.50 this is just one side of the mug, the other side has a gorgeous pattern on it. I know it's a bit expensive for a mug but keep in mind this maybe free when you get to checkout. 

This is definitely 'in the style of' Philosophy I'd say and I absolutely fell in love with this set. It's the Beauticology Trio in a Tin Gift Set by Bayliss and Harding. It costs an affordable £8 and comes with Shower Creme, Soap and Hand and Body Lotion in this gorgeous metal tin. The products are also scented in chocolate, gingerbread and vanilla frosting fragrances - yum! 

I may be grown up but there's something about the Emily The Strange products I love. This gift set costs £10 and it's the Perfectly Flawless Nail Polish Set which includes four nail polishes with four cat charms attached - colours include Miles Blue, Mystery Pink, Neechee Purple and Sabbath Red. 

N'aww this is so cute right? My little niece has asked Santa for a wooden dressing table and as a Hello Kitty fan I know she's going to adore this. It costs £20 and it's the Hello Kitty Hair Dryer Gift Set which includes the electric hair dryer, hair brush and make-up bag. 

I adore Fearne Cotton, she's a real style inspiration and all round awesome lady isn't she. I'm not one for celebrity products normally but I adore her Very collection and now these polishes. This is the Fearne Perfectly Polished Set and it costs £12 and includes six on trend shades. 

I know it's just a small gift but sometimes lots of little gifts are better than one OK gift. I love the modern but vintage appeal to these bath salts, the container is also reusable which gives it major Brownie points. This is the Betty & Walter Soothing Bath Salts  which cost £6, these aren't just plain bath salts though as they are scented with fig and pink pepper to really soothe your mind and body. 

Chances are you know a Minaj fan? I'm not hugely sold on her but she has major appeal doesn't she? This gift set is the Pink Friday set and costs an amazing £24 (says £23 on the website though?) I really think it's a great price given what you get. The box includes the 30ml fragrance, 50ml body lotion and mini rollerball fragrance - Don't you just love the Christmas gift sets. 

Let's not forget about that other celebrity. Justin Bieber (he needs either a hug or a slap I'm sure of it) This Girlfriend set costs £24 but shows as £23 on the website. It includes the 30ml fragrance, 50ml body lotion and mini rollerball fragrance too. 

Let's not forget the little bambinos, especially those who are due to be born around Christmas or have just been born. These TY (makers of Beanie Babies) stuffed animals cost £8 and are honestly the softest little things ever. This little fella is called TY Pluffies Tiptop Giraffe and yes, it was love at first sight. 

Soap & Glory lovers rejoice. This is the set for all S&G fans, I know you will be on the good list for the next year if you pick up one of these Relax Station gift sets for your favourite friend, cousin, sister or mum. These cost £20 and include The Scrub Of Your Life, Hair Turban, Clean On Me, Hand Food, Heel Genius, The Righteous Butter plus a shower puff. 

Honestly though as much as I love a good gift set it's this one that's my favourite. It's also by Soap & Glory and is called the Crazy, Sexy Kohl set - it costs £18 and includes 3 eyeshadows in Smokin', Dandy Plum and Aubersheen as well as 4 kohl eyeliner pencils. 

I hope you found some inspiration with this lot, I know I certainly did. How is everyone getting on with their Christmas purchases? Have you started buying or are you still planning? You can purchase these all in store or on the Boots website here.


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