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Childs Farm Yummy Organic Bath Products

I blogged about Childs Farm not too long ago, we reviewed their Bubble Bath for Buccaneers which was and still is absolutely amazing - you can find that review here if you missed it. After my sons reviewed the bubble bath they asked me what other products there were and I showed them the range over on their website. 

Cooper instinctively said he wanted to try the shampoo ' Get the shampoo mummy' he said straight away so I knew I had to. Since Cooper was gosh, a toddler he's always been fussy about things - scented products are important to him as he literally goes about sniffing everything and come bath time I'll regularly turn round from drying Rome to find Cooper's sniffing a bottle of bubbles or shampoo or the sponge. 

The nice people at Childs Farm sent us these two products after I mentioned my sons had these on their wishlists (thank you). Pictured above is the 100ml Caked in the mud! Hair and body wash for dirty rascals and a 100ml Groomed to perfection! Shampoo for luscious locks. 

The shampoo has been getting used as a shampoo and body wash, I know it's not marketed that way but Cooper's in love with this. It lathers up nicely, doesn't dry out the hair or leave it limp and greasy - it's fab. The best part is the scent which smells of strawberries and organic mint, I don't smell the mint per se but the strawberry scent definitely comes through and it's so yummy. The hair and body wash is organic sweet orange and smells very fresh and clean, my youngest son Rome adores this one the best and demands his hair and body are washed with it. 

Both products contain no parabens, SLS, mineral oils or nasties and even have Argan oil added in to ensure your little babies and yourself are left soft and moisturised. A little goes a long way unlike high street chemical laden products, although these are the mini 100ml these will last us a while and that's with daily use. It seems like they've hardly been touched but all five of us have been using these daily.  The 100ml sizes cost £2.50 but they do have larger sizes which I fully recommend purchasing in, if not for yourself then do it for your children's long term skin and health benefits. 

You can visit the Childs Farm website here, they have lots of yummy products which I'm sure your little monster or princess (or yourself) will love - I'm in love with the strawberry scent so fully recommend the shampoo in particular. 

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