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China Glaze City Flourish SS14 Collection

Looking forward brands are releasing details of their upcoming spring and summer 2014 collections. I love being forewarned so I can decide what I'm going to purchase and ultimately save buying things I may not love as much. 

City Glaze are releasing this collection which is called 'City Flourish' around the end of February 2014 possibly going into March. Surprisingly I love each and every colour. It feels like next years collections are bigger and better than previous ones and that's fantastic, especially if you're a polish lover. There are twelve pastel cream shades in this collection, split into two gift sets here's a sneak peek...
Colours from left to right are: 
  • Don't Honk Your Thorn 
  • Strike A Rose 
  • What A Pansy
  • Thistle Do Nicely 
  • Grass Is Lime Greener 
  • Metro Pollen-tin 

Colours from left to right are: 
  • Petal To The Metal
  • Peonies & Park Ave
  • Spring In My Step
  • In a Lily Bit 
  • Lotus Begin 
  • At Vase Value 
So pretty right? I'm absolutely enamoured by the Metro Pollen-tin yellow and the In a Lily Bit lilac. Which are your favourites? 


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