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Diptyque Holiday Collection

I am in love with these and they definitely feel more ethnic or boho rather than autumnal and seasonal? That being said they are so gorgeous and I'd have trouble choosing just one given how amazing the three look together like the picture above. 

The Holiday Collection is a collaboration with Tse & Tse. The candles come in those gorgeous colours you see above and when illuminated will look even more dazzling. The scents of these candles are Orange Chaya (Orange Chai) which contains notes of Orange, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Ginger; Ecorce de Pin (Pine Bark) which features notes of Hinoki which is a Japanese Cypress, Galbanum, Cedar and Patchouli; and Encens des Indes (Indian Incense) which features notes of Incense and Myrrh with Rose and Cornflower. 

The collection is available now over on the Diptyque website here and they cost £25 or £45 depending on what size you go for. The difficult part though is deciding which scent to opt for? I love notes in all three so I'm really struggling. Orange Chaya draws me in because of the Cardamom and Cinnamon, Ecorce de Pin draws me in because of the Patchouli and Encens des Indes is the Incense notes. 

I am heading off now to go purchase one - seriously. I shall keep you posted on my decision. Of course help in deciding wouldn't go amiss. 

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