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Diptyque & Liberty Collaboration

If you were anything like I was as a teen you would spend hours reading magazines, choosing who had the best clothing, reading gossip, finding out how to tell if 'he loved you' and how to make a relationship work as well as reading about what celebrities were using and doing. 

Time and time again I would read about Diptyque candles being used by big named celebrities and at one point I set Diptyque as my achievement standard - I believed that if I ever owned anything by this brand then I had finally made it. For some strange reason I tend to use brands as my level of achievement, some used cars, some use clothing sizes and some decide on countries; for me, it's beauty and clothing brands. 

I have had a couple of Diptyque candles (Violette and Tubereuse) and they met my high standards, I just felt so happy burning them as though I had accomplished something, crazy huh. On the same note as much as I know it's cray-cray to feel this way about a blooming candle of all things I still feel exactly the same way about the brand. Other brands previously had the same effect and when I eventually purchased the products I felt absolutely gutted because it really didn't meet my expectations and I felt as though my money had been flushed down the loo. 

Imagine how happy I was though to find out about the latest Diptyque collaboration with Liberty. I adore Liberty; I'm definitely a shabby chicster and all-round vintage loving gal, I adore a ditsy floral print and clashing prints - hell yeah I'm all over that! 

The Liberty scent is called Insolite and it's scented with orange and lime top notes, ginger, clove and floral heart notes with woody cypress and thyme base notes. The pretty design on the packaging is a medley of Liberty's Needingworth and Peacock fan patterns and the classic Diptyque labelling. The candle itself will cost £45 and is available from Diptyque and Liberty London. 

What do you think about this collaboration? Do you have a favourite Diptyque candle scent? 


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