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Disney & MAC Cosmetics Maleficent Collaboration

Maleficent she's so bad, she's good. Disney is releasing their next blockbuster which as you guessed is called Maleficent and stars the beautiful Angelina Jolie. Unlike the Sleeping Beauty family films, this takes the perspective of Maleficent and how she became such an evil badass, and what lead her to curse Sleeping Beauty to her demise (which didn't really end too well for Maleficent did it?). 

MAC previously collaborated with Disney on a villains collection which included the character in 2010, they are going to be releasing another awesome collaboration around Angelina's character in 2014 and I CAN'T WAIT! 

Taking a peek at the Maleficent collection from 2010 I'm hoping it will still retain some of those deep sultry reds and purple shades. Angelina Jolie's character is not the green-hue villain we're used to but rather, she's all smoky-eyed, blood red lips and cheekbones you could cut glass with. 

There's going to be eleven products in the collection including nail lacquer, eye shadows lipsticks and lipgloss as well as face products. I wonder if they'll add any 'green' colour correcting powders? Here's a closer look at my favourite 2010 nail lacquers and shadows, that duo-chrome's so sexy...

What products or shades do you hope they'll release? The collections is supposed to be available in time for the film's release which should be around March to May 2014 - I want to say I'll be purchasing for sure but we all know that MAC collections tend to sell out in seconds, if it's anything like the 2010 collection I'll definitely be trying to get my mitts on it for sure. 


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