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Fairy Lights Collection By Oriflame

This is the Fairy Lights Collection by Oriflame which is available to buy right now. I felt it was perfectly launched in time for Halloween (that's when I received my perfume) and Christmas as this season tends to be all about the sweetness, fun, seduction and light-heartedness - the Eau de Toilette, in particular, fits this description to a tee. 

This reminds me of Snow White for some reason? maybe it's the red apple. Here's the fragrance, even the bottle is super cute. I'd say this is a fun, fruity but warm fragrance - if you like delicate fragrances such as clean linens or oceanic notes this isn't going to be your cup of tea; if you like vibrant notes that make you feel light-hearted and confident I promise you right now you're going to l-o-v-e, love it. 

The Fairy Lights collection includes: 
  • Eye Pencil (£2.95) comes in three shades which are Midnight Sparkle, Black Shimmer and Silver Glitz. 
  • Lip Gloss (£5.96) Also comes in three shades which are Nude Cream, Pale Peach and Cool Pink; the lip gloss is enriched with lip conditioners and vitamins to leave you with kissable soft lips. 
  • Eau de Toilette (£10.96) Notes include Strawberry, Jasmine, Candy Apples and Yummy Toffee. 
  • Anti-Perspirant (£3.95) The deodorant lasts for 24 hours and features the same fragrance as the EDT but more delicate.
  • Shower Cream (£3.95) Gentle wash featuring Oriental, Vanilla and Fruity notes. 
  • Hand Cream (£2.95) Rich hand cream lightly scented with Oriental, Vanilla and Fruity notes. 
You can purchase any of these products over on the Oriflame website. Are you a sweet but seductive fragrance wearer? 


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