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Guerlain Reformulates Meteorites Perles for 2014

Beauty Pearls have been popular for years, I remember the initial bronzing pearls and then the pearl movement hopped on over to blush pearls. Guerlain went one step further with the original Meteorite Perles which were born 26 years ago with an offering of a pot of candy coloured balls that aimed to correct your face's colour while leave you looking healthy and glowing.

The original perles come in three variations, Teint Rose (corrects shadowy areas and redness), Teint Dore (eradicated yellow tints) and Teint Beige (adds warmth while brightening).  The Perles come housed in the cutest silver pot with a pastel flower on the top - they look so cute like teeny candy bonbon. 
The best news though is that these beauties have been reformulated for a release in 2014. The picture above shows what they will look like and like the originals, these will come in the three colour variations. So what's changed I hear you ask? Firstly the perles are softer ensuring more product is picked up when you swirl your brush over the pot; also they have used stardust technology which brightens the skin leaving it looking in tip-top condition; there have also been new shades added such as pink to brighten the skin, purple and yellow to reduce dullness and pep up the skin and also blue and green to reduce redness.

Personally, as much as the new stardust technology sounds intriguing it's that pot that has me sold. It's so cute...


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