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Coats To Suit Your Body Shape

Coats To Suit Your Body Shape

Each and every one of us has a completely different body shape. We all suit some things better than others and when it comes to buying new clothes, we definitely want the perfect fit. As Autumn is upon us and Winters following closely behind, its time to invest in a new winter coat. But which styles will best suit your body shape?

With an hourglass figure, your bust and hips are closely aligned and your waist is well defined. To dress an hourglass you should focus on both the upper and lower body whilst choosing garments that show off your waist. You need to find a cut that doesn't flatten you, a single-breasted coat with a skirted bottom will flatter your body shape. Adding a chunky belt will also show off your waistline.

Busty figures are top-heavy and sometimes referred to as an inverted triangle. Look for clothing that balances out your upper and lower body without wearing too tight clothing on top and baggy on the lower body. Avoid double-breasted coats as these will flatter your assets and look uncomfortable. A v-neckline will help streamline your look and show off your figure.

Apple shapes tend to carry weight around the middle of the torso and don't have such a defined waist. Opt for a cut that creates new curves and accentuates your best assets. Avoid shapes that cling to your curves and opt for a coat that wraps across to create an A-line shape. This will flatter your figure without drawing unwanted attention.  

A pear shape typically means your hips are wider than your bust and you have a well-defined waist. To dress this body shape aim to enhance the upper body and balance out the lower half. Choose a style with a large collar, perhaps fur or oversized to draw attention towards the shoulders. A straight shaped coat will help balance out the curves below your waistline.

Broad Shoulders
Also often referred to as an inverted triangle, you will have a predominantly larger upper body with a wider shoulder, bust and hips. Try to choose clothing that fits comfortably and isn’t straining you across the shoulders thus restricting movement. A structured coat may not fit comfortably, so choose a softer shoulder and oversized lapel which will flow effortlessly instead of straining your upper torso.

Straight frames have narrow hips and a small bust, so finding clothing that creates new curves rather than hides your figure completely is a must.  If you have a straight frame there are a few styles that will completely change your figure and create the illusion of feminine curves. Strong shoulders with double-breasted details will enhance the upper body whilst a peplum style middle teamed with a belt will pull you in at the waist and create new curves.

Petite figures have narrow hips and a small bust so if you have a petite frame the last thing you want to do is look like your drowning in material. Choose a style that's no longer than your hips. Avoid busy patterns and excessive embellishments, instead look for rich, dark colours.

If you have a tall figure you can show off your assets in lots of different clothes. Flare jeans can make your legs look even longer and you can pull off longer length coats without it creating the illusion you are short. Avoid clothing that is too short, as it may appear ill-fitting. If you rock the crop look team with high waisted bottoms to pull off the look. Long and lean figures can suit long lines coats perfectly. Choosing a funnel neck will further accentuate a streamlined shape.

Short Torso
For a shorter torso, you should choose tops that fall slightly longer than average and avoid tucking tops in. A longer style blazer will help to elongate a shorter torso but remember to avoid anything longer than your hips. This style of coat will help show off the length of your legs.

Short Legs
High waisted bottoms will help accentuate your legs so they appear longer. Choose a coat that covers your hips but again is not too long that it makes you appear shorter. A belt above your natural waistline will instantly create the illusion of longer legs.

As every woman is different, you may fall into more than one body shape category. Combine tips from each style to find the perfect fit for you. Also, take colours and patterns into consideration. Loud colours and designs will draw attention, which you may or may not want. Darker colours can be slimming and lighter colours are good for creating curves.


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