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H&M & ASOS Autumn Haul

With my weight issues and my lack of confidence recently I've been very uncomfortable in the clothes I currently have. I never feel confident in sporty wear or lounge wear (unless lounging of course) and love to buy basic pieces that can be mixed up with some killer heels, boots, accessories and either a slouchy parka or a chic coatigan. 

I'd finally had enough the other night when I realised all of my favourite pieces didn't fit. I was sick of having to piece together items that just fit so headed over to the H&M website to buy some pieces. I can't buy trousers from H&M because they don't do petite sized - heaven knows how many times I've asked them to consider it but no such luck. Leggings, although they aren't always a great option, are what I'm used to for casual wear. There are rules I follow when wearing them though so they don't look chavtastic. 

Here are some of the cosy goodies I purchased. 

  • Slouchy Marl Jumper Dress (£14.99) - I purchased the dark grey, my last season coat was the burgundy colour and to be honest I'm so and tired of wearing that shade day in day out. The dark grey can be teamed with warm autumnal pops of colours such as hats, scarves and gloves without the dreaded clash. 
  • Striped Leggings (£7.99) - I have a similar pair from H&M and they are so unbelievably comfortable and durable. Most end up with lycra bobbles or wearing thin, these don't - whatsoever. 
  • Longline Zebra Zipped Jacket (£19.99 but £14.99 after discount)- Let's not call it a hoodie, at thirty onwards hoodies just aren't cool. This long line zebra will look fab with an all-black outfit, some killer heeled boots and a loose high bun. Also on another note it would look awesome teamed with a pretty dark dress and some ankle boots. 

  • Navy Knitted Dress (£14.99) - I adore this. It's the perfect chic, shaped and slouchy dress all rolled into one. Navy is a fab base colour for autumn and with the weather getting icy cold now it's sure to keep me toasty warm. 
  • Jersey & Leather Leggings (£12.99) - I've never been interested in pleather leggings before it kind of felt really done at one point. I do love however these because they have pleather at the front and jersey at the back. It's a small detail but one that really gives these quirk and balance at the same time. I feel someone in their thirties onwards could easily pull these off. 
  • Long Vest Top (£3.99) - These are fab. I wear these for doing yoga, under sheer tops and under jumpers that are thin or a tad shorter than I would like. I don't wear anything that sits above my butt cheeks (and that's low, believe me). Wearing one of these gives me support and protection, I worry about VPL's from leggings and holes. 
  • Jersey Pyjamas (£14.99) - Great loungewear PJ's. I adored these straight away so had to pick them up, nothing worse than waking up shivering in the morning is there. With my sons at school I need to be able to wake up sharpish, these should help a little. 
  • Asos Parka Jacket (£45.00 but I used a £10 gift card £35.00) - I hate my burgundy Next quilted jacket. It's not practical anymore as it doesn't have a hood. I wanted a cosy jacket, with a hood, that was a reasonable length and would look awesome in flats, heeled boots or knee highs. This ticked every box for me and it was in the sale from £75 to £45 - I also used a £10 gift card (that I actually forgot I had but was stored in my ASOS account) bringing it down to a more than reasonable £35.

I used codes 1304 for £5 off my order and also 0747 for 25% off the most expensive item. The whole lot came to under £120 which is fab isn't it. I've just to get my winter woollens such as hat, scarf, socks etc and I'm pretty much done for my basics. Have you been purchasing your autumn wardrobe? I'd love to hear where from. 


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  1. Loving your buys! I regret not getting some boots I saw on the website with those codes...they've sold out now :(


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