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I Dayre You To Join The Latest Social App

If you love to get social chances are you have a profile on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Chances are you’ve noticed each of those social networks have their own positive aspects, Twitter gives us the ability to leave short but sweet messages and of course not forgetting the use of hash tags as a way of tracking comments and finding topics you’re interested in; Instagram allows us to post photos of our day including what we’ve just eaten and slap a filter on it – let’s be honest filters make everything look better; Facebook allows us to write longer statuses and to follow people. Imagine if there was a social site that featured each of the positives.

Imagine no more because there is. Thirty bloggers were chosen by Nuffnang to become alpha-seeders and to road test the app out and I’m one of them.  I’ve been using Dayre for nearly a week and I absolutely love it and it’s far exceeded my initial expectations in so many ways.  

So what can you do over on Dayre?
  • You can upload photos of your day. Photos of your loved ones, outfits, inspiring photos, nature, funny signs or even just your dinner. You can also slap a filter on it if you wish.  
  • You can leave statuses that are 500 characters or less. Random thoughts, funny things your children have said, quotes, emotional outburst or spur of the moment ideas that pop into your head.
  • You can choose one to show how you feel by choosing and posting one of the cute bears emoticon stickers that are on the app.
  • You can leave longer notes – maybe you want to put your thoughts out there, maybe there’s a beautiful poem or a longer quote that you feel shows an aspect of your personality. Add it to your profile to allow others into your world.
  • Upload videos easily and quickly to your profile or take one using the app itself.
  • Find and follow lots of interesting profiles across the world. Leave them comments, heart their pictures and statuses and make new friends.
  • Let’s not forget you have the ability to #hashtag until your heart’s content *yay*·    
Options - Write, photograph, video, places or add a sticker

      The most fun aspect is you can get to know others, look at their beautiful photos and really get a look into how the other half lives. Socialising is fun and I never get bored as there’s always someone somewhere who uploads a photo, a quote or a status that leaves me inspired.

It’s still in Beta stages but its growing fast.  If you love blogging, reading blogs or feeling inspired I urge you to at least give it a try. I like to think of my Dayre profile as a mini personal blog, something I can show my sons when they get older, a way of tracking the funny things my sons say, those special moments such as Halloween, Firework’s Night and soon Christmas, a way of combining my thoughts, emotions and feelings into one physical place or to share with my family and friends and it all lives in my mobile.  You don’t have to have a blog, write a blog or even love blogs to get started as these bite-sized moments, statuses, videos and photos ultimately turn your profile into your own life themed blog.

How cute are these 'sticker' emoticons? 

You can download Dayre for free via I-tunes or Google Play on your mobile. If you're reading this from your mobile just click here and it will take you to download - Come over to the Dayre side (excuse my bad puns) we have foodie photos and beauty snaps and so much more – you can find my profile by searching for ‘Sweetelyseuk’ on the app. 


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