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INGLOT Eyeshadow Freedom System

I have been absolutely itching to try Inglot but never really knew what colours were going to look right and also found the brand quite hard to come by in the UK. Inglot are a premium brand that are akin to MAC, the brand is loved by professionals and make up lovers because they're so soft and pigmented and as you can see I finally got to try the brand out. 

So this wasn't a PR sample, I actually purchased this from the lovely Charlie of Lady of the Lane blog as well as a gorgeous MAC lippy. She has posted that her blog sale was live so I headed straight over and as soon as I saw this I headed straight to the comments to buy it - I think I was literally shaking in anticipation because I wanted it so badly. 

This palette is the 'Freedom' palette because you buy the product pans and pop them in and out. Take a peek...

The Freedom system is really well made and sturdy, the little brush is missing (or never bought I'm not entirely sure if that's separate but that doesn't matter) and it has a large mirror so you can apply on the go. Charlie wasn't sure what shades the shadows were because Inglot don't tend to name their products, instead they allocated them letters and numbers which is a bit of a pain in the butt. 

Friend: 'Oh Elyse love your shadow, what shade is that?' Me: 'Erm it's Inglot ABC123456789' 

Maybe an exaggeration there but you get why it's a bit of a pain in the backside huh? 

Swatch time! Apparently, the shades are from left to right: Pearl 446 (plum), Pearl 405 (beige/gold) and Pearl 419 (khaki). They're absolutely amazing and far exceeded my expectations for the brand. 

The swatches above produced these heavily pigmented results with a really fine touch, most brands I use take a lot of layering to give these sorts of results. I'm also not a pearl fan but these aren't ageing, I'd say they have a small amount of fine pearl which you can see more off in the beige and khaki shades but only in certain lights. 

I've definitely planned a whole host shopping for blushers, eyeshadows, lipsticks and well basically everything from Inglot. They do have a UK site! (I'm so slow off the mark aren't I?) and I think the round Freedom System is being slowly eeked out in favour of the square shape. Because of this, they have the round palettes on sale for half price (10 slot is only £5) while you can't get the round pans on the Inglot UK site you can get them on eBay and most probably other places. 

Do you have favourite Inglot shades? I really am like a kid in a candy shop over on the UK Inglot website. You can check it out Inglot website but of course pop on over to Charlie's blog here


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