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Jewel Candle's Santa Clause Christmas Candle

Three little words - Candle, Christmas and Jewellery; the perfect three things for any lady. I had heard of candles that housed jewellery before but didn't realise that they were available in the UK until about six months ago. I did debate getting one but over the months there wasn't a scent that really grabbed me so I held off. 

I recently followed the Jewelcandle Facebook page and noticed they'd released new Christmas scents and instantly debated which to get because Cinnamon Buns and Santa Clause both sounded yummy and I do tend to go for more warming, foody scents. I opted eventually for Santa Clause which is suppose to be caramel scent, when it arrived I did initially think it was strawberry for some reason that is until it was lit in which it definitely gives off a delicate warming caramel sweetness. 

First up when you receive your candle I would advise you to snip the wick as it's really long, if you light the wick at this length it will burn unevenly. It advises that the candle should burn for around ten hours before your jewellery piece is made visible but in all honesty, I am so impatient I dug that foil out *smiles* 

The larger candles all contain a silver ring with varied colours and styles of gems and cost £24.95. The smaller have earrings in them also in varied styles and cost £16.95. The jewellery comes inside a bag which is then wrapped in foil so that it's not covered in wax while burning.

Want to see what piece I got? 

I got the ring that's on my middle finger, it's absolutely gorgeous. It's silver (Sterling I'm led to believe as it's hallmarked) and it has 3 rows of Cubic Zirconia which just sparkle. This ring fits my middle finger perfectly but you can't choose your ring size if you receive a ring that's much larger you could always get it re-sized at your local jewellers. 

Each ring varies in RRP you could receive a ring worth £10 upwards to £250. Unfortunately, mine didn't have a price on it so if you know someone who got a similar ring and you know the price could you let me know? Most people tend to get a ring that's around £10 to £50, I've yet to come across a more expensive one but considering the actual price and the fact that you get a ring and a candle it's really value for money isn't it. 

These would make an excellent gift this Christmas or at any time of the year as they do have a True Love candle (Valentine's, anniversary's, weddings or engagements) and also a Happy Birthday candle for well, birthdays. 

You can check out each of the candles and the scents over on their website - Jewel Candle. They also have offers and competitions on over on their Jewel Candle Facebook page. 


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  1. That is a really lovely ring, I loved the one I got x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Thanks sweetie, secretly I was hoping to get the red ring pictured on their site but I do love this one though. Have you tried these candles? x

  2. Hello, do you have the glasses or candles yet? I collect these candles but unfortunately they do not exist anymore

    love from

    1. Hi Melissa,

      You can buy these from here: https://jewelcandle.co.uk/

      Elyse x

  3. Yes I know. Just this candle Santa Claus will never give it anymore. :) therefore I ask :)


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