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Kids Stocking Fillers From Sports Direct

We regularly shop in our local SportsDirect shop for trainers, football boots and little sport team knick-knacks - our sons love the team beanie bears. I recently found out that they had lots of toys over on their website and with Christmas coming up I headed right over to take a peek because having three boys I knew that Sports Direct would have something that they would love. 

While there was a lot and I really do mean there's a lot, I initially chose a pair of Chelsea football club slippers, a Rangers football team Scotty dog soft toy and a Play-Doh case. These suit my sons to a tee and while I had every intention of popping them away for the big day I caved! I'm so weak. 

Here are the Chelsea slippers...

This is the reason I cave every time, that little-excited face does it for me every time - note the little hands flapping about too, he was absolutely over the moon with these slippers.

And if you have more than one child you can't give one without the other, next up came the Play-Doh case which is absolutely fantastic, it cost £8.50 but its RRP is £19.99 so there was mega savings which I like. It's the Creative Workshop set and it opens up with a couple of storage trays at the top and space in the bottom. Products included are some little tubs of Play-Doh, colouring sheets, pens and shapers and a rolling pin. Don't you just love the smell of Play-Doh? 

I let my monsters play after dinner so it was getting a bit darker hence the yellow light. They had hours of fun though playing with the tubs, creating burgers and shapes and just playing really nicely together. We had some shapers so I bunged those into the case too but once they had finished they tidied it all away like the good little men that they are. 

And my biggest little man absolutely loved his doggy which he called Geoffrey (no idea why?) he loves a good teddy and he loves Rangers so this really was the perfect little gift for him. He takes it to bed each night also which is cute, I didn't get a photo of him though because he was 'playing Minecraft' and was too busy - he just doesn't get the whole blogging thing bless his little heart.  

Here are some more items that are firmly on my Christmas list and also going to be loved by my bank manager (well bank but manager sounds more official doesn't it). 

Marvels Avengers Skate Park set (£5.50), Barbie Pretend Playset for their cousin (£6.50, but it's RRP is £19.99), L Boyz Microscope Kit (£10), Batman Playsets (£10), Thomas The Tank Mountain Set (£38 but RRP is £89.99)

You can check out the Christmas goodies over on the SportsDirect website. I bet you find a few things at major discounted prices too - I also just noticed they have the Disney Planes scooter on their site for £17, my son loves Planes. 


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