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Living Nature || Precious Lipstick

Precious by Living Nature is supposed to be pretty in pink, natural nude lipstick. Results are supposed to be soft, delicate and ultimately allow you to show off your natural beauty rather than drown it out in bright lip shades. We all look for that perfect nude lip colour so I was excited about trying this out, I've never tried Living Nature before and because I'm trying to become more natural and eco-friendly I was stoked that they kindly sent me this to try out. 

I had in my mind that it was going to be a baby pink shade, they released Precious to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer and $1 from each sale was going straight to Breast Cancer Network in New Zealand. I think now that Breast Cancer month sent me pink crazy and I got it into my head it was going to be pink, honestly, I'm such a dummy at times.

As you can see on my skin tone this takes on a creamy nude shade and on the lips, it actually is creamy nude which is gorgeous, unfortunately, my lips are chapped at the moment (damn you autumn with winter weather) so no lip shots, for now, they will be Instagrammed as soon as my lip balm works.  I noticed though that other bloggers and buyers who used this has varying degrees of colour from nude, creamy nudes to pink so I really think this lipstick works for you and your particular tone rather than leaving you looking washed out. 

The lipstick is made with the highest quality certified natural ingredients and you can really tell. It's super smooth to apply, has lasting powder and doesn't just slide off the lips like some other nudes tend to do. 

The lipstick is safe for everyone to use if you tend to break out, suffer from sensitive skins or react to chemical-laden lippy's then you know you're in good hands with this brand. Do you know this is so safe and natural that you could actually eat this lipstick? I don't recommend you do so because it won't taste nice but at least if you lick your lips you know you're not taking in any nasties that may cause future problems. 

Living Nature do lots of safe cosmetics and beauty products which are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. In the UK you can find it over on Botanical Brands


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